Flood Insurance – San Diego Policyholders Information – Claim Policy Rights

Flood Insurance for Water Damage, Sewer Mitigation, Mold Remediation. these and other flood related damages can disrupt the normal pattern of life, and can involve a lot of emotional stress.

People often feel confused and vulnerable after events of this type. However, it is important to make good decisions, because you will be living with the results long after the stress and confusion have passed.

We believe that the public interest is best served if people have an understanding of their rights and the alternatives available to them when insurance damage and repair work are involved.

Your insurance policy is a CONTRACT between you and the insurance company. It entitles you to certain rights and imposes certain obligations. As Certified Professional Restoration Contractors we have prepared this BILL OF RIGHTS so that you may better understand the policy you have purchased, and how it relates to the repairs you may undertake. The standard Homeowners policy generally contains the same provisions throughout the United States and Canada; here are some of your rights and obligations under its terms: