leak detection

Leak Detection

San Diego Leak Detect

San Diego Leak Detection

If you are concerned about a leak and its long-term impact on your property, or an emergency pipe burst situation, our flood services offer flood cleanup as well as leak detection. San Diego Leak Detection Thermal Imaging camera can detect water leaks long before flooding even happens, and major damage & expenses are incurred. 

Thermal imaging allows us to accurately trace the leak back to its source, regardless of how well it is hidden. Upon locating the leak, our team will perform prompt and thorough repairs to prevent future flooding, and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Leak Detection with Thermography

Infrared Thermography (IT) detects moisture from leaks behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings that can lead to more serious water damage and mold. The camera produces an image (thermogram) of infrared light invisible to the human eye. This light is produced by heat emitted from the heat inside objects, known as its “thermal condition.” The heat reading allows us to precisely pinpoint the source of your leak.

This non-invasive and affordable technique prevents structural damage during the leak location process. Localizing leak repairs also helps to diminish subsequent restoration, and impact on structural integrity. We provide expert leak detection and emergency water and fire damage restoration services. Our goal is to restore your property to its original condition, or better, as quickly, safely, and economically as possible.

Call today for emergency flood and leak detection services. First responders are standing by to help.

San Diego Leak Detection

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