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Encanto Flood Service

Encanto Flood Service is open 24 hours 365 days a year to take your call for emergency water removal services. Emergency clean up assistance for unexpected water damage of all kinds are available, ranging from minor plumbing leaks to major bursts, fire sprinklers, sewage backups, toilet and bath overflows or rain water entering your home.  

We offer emergency flood services, water extraction, sewage spill clean-up and removal, drying-out, and restoration. Flood water removal usually involves a large amount of water, as well as muddy sediment and debris. The water is also contaminated and can cause a host of problems to both your property and your health. Flood water should be extracted immediately so as to reduce the damage it can cause.

Water Extraction to Restoration

Floods require immediate water extraction and dry-out to minimize property damage. It can mean saving thousands of dollars. We extract water from your carpet or hardwood floor and salvage as much property as possible.

Drying equipment is quickly set up to dry the affected areas. Water removal must be done immediately after a flood occurs or further serious damage will occur.

Clean-up can begin immediately if necessary and the work usually includes the removal of building materials, as well as smoke, soot and water extraction of the entire affected area.

Encanto Water Extraction
Encanto Flood Restoration

Experienced technicians provide free consultations to determine the cause of flooding in your home or business before beginning the repair process of water extraction, clean-up, and restoration.

Determining the cause of water damage also plays a vital role in determining the extent of damage and possible further work needed.

The reason that you need to act quickly when it comes to water damage is because every hour that passes, the more water damage will occur. 

The water removal and extraction process needs to begin as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage to your property. 

Encanto Flood Service