Mold Removal

Mold Removal 

mold removal service san diego ca

Mold Removal services in San Diego are available. Molds are simple, microscopic organisms present virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Molds, including all mushrooms and yeast, are fungi and are needed to break down dead material and recycle nutrients in the environment. Molds to grow and reproduce need organic materials as a food source; including leaves, wood, paper and insulation. Add heat and humidity above 50% and you have happy mold that proliferates rapidly.

Because molds grow by digesting organic material, what molds ingest is eventually destroyed. Molds release innumerable lightweight spores, which in most instances eventually become airborne and travel to other destinations. These destinations then can become mold infested and sometimes toxic.

There are serious health dangers when mold is present in your home. But if you do, we can inspect, detect, and eliminate it from your residential or commercial property. Mold remediation is a very important part of our business and is vital to the health of our clients. Don’t take chances with your family’s health – call for remediation today. Put our 27 years of experience to work for you!

Do not try to treat a mold by yourself – there are many different strains, and only licensed experts should be trusted to eliminate it. Our equipment, personnel, and expertise to solve your mold problem. Our thermal imaging technology even enables us to spot problems before they become serious! Contact us today – we’re available 24/7 for emergencies.

Our professionals are specially trained to eliminate mold. They wear protective clothing and use equipment designed to kill and remove mold without spreading spores in your home.

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Sabre Springs Flood Services

Sabre Springs Flood ServicesSabre Springs Flood Services understand that a flood or Fire can strike any time and without warning. When it does, you need reliable and effective cleanup services and fast. We dispatch experienced technicians to your location right away – day or night – within 60 Minutes 24/7 – 365 days a year. 

Usually, water extraction and cleanup is employed then and there as it is imperative that the structure and possessions be dried as soon as possible which can limit the overall degree of damage. Over the years, we have assisted many people deal with the devastating reality of flood and fire damage. We do our best to make this difficult time go as smoothly for you as we can and upon arrival, immediate inspection is conducted on the property to determine the extent of the damage. 

Sabre Springs Flood Services 24/7 –Emergency Flood Services, Water Extraction, Sewage Mitigation, Structural Drying – structures usually take 3-4 days to dry – Mold Remediation, Asbestos removal, Humidification, Deodorizing, Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and all phases needed for the complete restoration of your home or business to its original condition.

Water Damage can happen in your home or business at any time. These days, you need a professional restoration company that stands by your side from the beginning until the end. That’s why we offer experienced flood technicians who can restore your property and life back to normal. 

Sabre Springs Flood Services 365 – Insurance policies differ from one another. However, in most cases insurance covers the costs to remedy the damage to your property.  Many years of experience in making fair and reasonable appraisals of damaged property are employed preparing the necessary reports required by insurance companies in order to help settle the claim in a timely manner.        Water Damage Restoration